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Dena Flanagan Certified Psychic Medium Psychic Healer Reiki Master
Dena Flanagan from the coast of Maine was born with an amazing gift of sight (hearing, seeing, feeling). She has been reading professionally for 25 years. 

VOTED IN THE TOP 20 IN THE WORLD. She is a Tested and Certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Master, featured in a multitude of magazines and books throughout her career.

Dena's readings go very deep, healing at a soul level. Her gift enables her to see the past, present and future. She is able to view past lives and, as a medium, is able to communicate with people who have passed on.  

Dena has been given The Gift of Healing and offers deep-healing work. Sessions are both in-person and/or from a distance (distance - remote healing).

She also teaches psychic development classes and tarot reading courses.

- Past Life - Tarot - Mediumship - Holistic Healing -

Dena feels lucky to have all the senses open: she is clairaudient (hearing messages), clairvoyant (seeing images), and clairsentient (feeling the truth). Her guides are very clear, concise, and provide a great amount of information "to help you along your path in this journey called life. " 

She has read all walks of life from the rich and famous to "anyone needing it!" She reads on the radio, at many psychic fairs, reads for corporate businesses and on cruise ships. 

Dena is available for phone, skype, email and in-person readings and offers psychic lessons and long-distance healing sessions.  
“I love doing this work and helping people.”

Contact Dena Flanagan:
Phone: 207-752-1399
Facebook: Dena Flanagan

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30 Minute Reading

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6 Emery Lane 
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